"The myth, the woman, the legend. Karyn is an amazing mentor, extremely knowledgeable and skilled in both photography and photo editing. She is exceptionally patient and understanding and can mentor anyone at any skill level. A truly amazing photographer and human being." ~ Alex T.


For students of photography



As a lifelong student and a professional photographer, Karyn has lots to share in photography, business and developing creative skills. Over the last 10+ years Karyn has photographed weddings, people, families and newborns as well as worked side-by-side small business and creatives to help develop and implement new creative content. She has worked with small businesses, not-for-profits, schools and independent creatives, to develop a range of works including websites, photography, social media, branding, design and mini films. Karyn has the experience, patience and motivation to help take your business and creative skills to the next level and give you the confidence to achieve your goals.


These sessions are practical and based on topics that are most relevant to you.

If you find yourself always challenged by time, then workflow, systems and productivity might be an area Karyn can support you in. Perhaps you want to improve your general photography skills and want to know more about how to process images in Lightroom. Or perhaps directing, storytelling and curating your work is something you want to improve. Wherever you are on your journey, all skill-levels are welcome.

Karyn will work closely with you to acknowledge your strengths and where you can continue to improve based on your needs and goals. Karyn always encourages a safe space for you to learn and always fail forward.

Prices are per person.

Sessions can be held on location for a practical lesson or online for portfolio reviews!

(We offer 20% off for students).

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