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Working with Joel Shinkfield from Clarus Consultancy, the aim was to improve the brand to be more in alignment with the vision and goals of the company and to create a new online presence. I ran strategic marketing sessions with Joel, photographed him and updated his website to reflect a new look and feel. I also re-wrote his LinkedIn bio, to come across as more engaging for his target audience.

Director, Joel Shinkfield




Updated LinkedIn Biography

My name is Joel and I believe we can do better.

My mission is to continually pursue the means for educational communities, small businesses and larger organisations, to unify their vision for the learning journey of our emerging generations.

I believe that we have a shared responsibility to those who would learn from us; to facilitate, guide and champion their aspirations over time. We want learners to flourish, be supported on their learning journey and come to know that failure can be a great teacher.

If we would grow, we must learn to grow together, now. This approach requires leaders, educators and business owners to get gutsy, look inward first and ask, ‘how can we do better?’, ‘what do our people need?’ and ‘how can we provide it?’

In the last thirteen years, I have been an educational leader in Secondary Education and have taught throughout Western Australia in regional, remote and metropolitan areas. I have applied my practical knowledge of Industrial Design, Mechatronics, Building & Construction and my experience in Pastoral Care youth programs to successfully work with students across a wide spectrum of needs, contexts, cultural backgrounds, and capabilities. I have experience working with young people who are ‘at-risk’ and have worked closely with their families and communities, to develop programs to support them on their journey.

My greatest accomplishment to date is still my greatest learning; being a husband of 20 years and a dad, all the while continuing the journey with the many people that I have had the honour to walk alongside, look back with them on what they have accomplished and be able to say, “that was good!”

I now focus my efforts on helping people to develop their inner strength, find their voice, realise their passions and potential, and advocate for ‘ground-up’ leadership that enables the cycle of holistic learning and long-lasting growth.

If you are looking for one-on-one support, you run a small business/team or are looking for a guest speaker for your school, students or your next event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!